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Preperation for next week

Posted by AChartist, Jun 15 2008, 09:13 AM

Buy QID Monday open ( hoping for some opening pop in the indexes )
Sell QID Tues Open.

Here are some stocks I've located for Tues long.
If there is a general sell down, many of these will be priced right.
DYOD, I am so confident in the surge to July 2 I am getting the
cheaper OTM calls on some of these. I have my orders loaded
and will execute if it happens that way with a shock down early next week,
monday ideally, possibly tues.

Some of these configurations to look for, are 60 min turned up but
overbought, that is the indicators overran the price. Look for 60 min
macd kissbacks if the selloff comes, that sets the daily chart.

These will be a variety of conditions, with some in continuation, some
holding up the relative strength, some needing
$2-3 drops to 40 day lower BB. Check each one out, I'll only take
some if they get the lower 40 day BB tag on Tues.

AMD, AMD, AMD the top pick, the 40 day BB's are up
FLEX, .50-.60 risk from here, consolidating in top half of bands
BAX, rev head and shoulder in continuation with relative strength
WFR, 60 min buy take a pullback
EMC, on lower 40 BB and chart gap ~ $15
VZ, $1.50 risk from here, take it Tues
NVDA, they might crush it to $19 on Tues,
AMZN, if they hit $73 on tues
MSFT, consolidated on lows
AMAT, consolidated
STLD, continuation
CSCO, continuation
HOLX, staying with this one with 1/2 position, to add tues no matter what
HOG, a little 5th wave to lower 40 day BB will be perfect
WFMI, bullish divergence, minor 5th wave low needed.
CIEN, should be interesting in a general swoon


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