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Posted 30 September 2011 - 03:59 PM

SectorVue comments for Monday September 26th , 2011 Market Location and Horizon Autumn The Dow Jones finished the week down 737 points while the Nasdaq 100 NDX gave up 99 points. With interest rates at zero and Europe falling apart at the seems it appears there is little central bankers can or will do leaving the worldwide economy at a standstill like a deer in the headlights. Sector Action for last week was minus 2455 with all Sectors down. Large numbers indicative of the increasing Volatility of the last few months. The Market Barometer fell off after failing once again to enter bullish territory. (see graph on page 4) Rydex Alerts- All cash at taking profits on bearish Russell and Dow last week. Short term Trading indicators- not oversold yet. Market Breadth - Cumulative Market Breadth turned bearish last week on Tuesday prior to Wednesdays collapse. (see graphs p 4) INTERMEDIATE TERM TRENDs- Neutral INTERMEDIATE OSCILLATOR - Bearish with room on the downside. As previously noted forming a market bottom normally requires less volatile day to day swings or ‘price agreement’. Continued volatility up and down takes money and confidence away from investors. In this market if it does not pay a dividend I am not interested. Income GPS stocks average 10.49% divided with even greater total return. Email SectorVue@gmail.com for a sample of our high dividend stocks GPS letter including current buys and sells. Sector and Market Review-- Utilities UTY- Number one in overall rank as high dividend stocks like Duke DUK and Southern Co SO continue to outperform. Biotech BTK- Gaining in overall rank as this sector distinguishes itself from the rest of the stock market finding cures and making advances in research. Vertex VRTX is our top choice and still a buy looking to break out. Defense DFI Rallied in overall rank with dividend paying stocks like Lockheed Martin LMT leading the way. Ultra ETF’s- Ultra Bearish SP500 ETFs SDS and Bearish Russell TWM were the home runs last week. Dividends DVY- We reiterated buys on AGNC with a 19% dividend and Alaska Communications ALSK our Income GPS portfolio. No dividend no chance in this market. Gold XAU - finally fell out of bed as we have been warning for the last few weeks. Perhaps the Europeans are dipping into their vaults for real Capital. Agribusiness MOO - took a nose-dive last week as the worldwide economic outlook dimmed. This email is copyrighted material intended for the addressee only. SUBSCRIPTION INFO A sample copy of the entire SectorVue, Rydex Alerts or Income GPS newsletter via email may be obtained emailing sectorvue@gmail.com. Requests for a sample newsletter must include full name and voice phone number. We do not share information with anyone. Rydex alerts and Income GPS are priced separately. This report is for educational purposes only and does not constitute "investment advice".