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Posted 10 March 2012 - 07:12 AM

MMA Weekly Comments for the Week Beginning March 12, 2012

Written by Raymond Merriman

This is written Friday afternoon here in Belgrade, Serbia, which is shortly after equity markets open in the USA. Thus this week’s report will not have the benefit of being written after the weekly close in the USA. Also, due to speaking and travel schedule, it will be another shortened report.

Next week’s report may have the similar limitations due to the time difference. However we intend to keep up with our daily and weekly subscription reports during this period, as well as the monthly MMA Cycles Report, which may come out a day later than usual this week.

Review and Preview

Friday’s USA jobs report showed an increase of 227,000 new jobs, while unemployment remained steady at 8.3%. One day earlier, the bailout of Greece received positive news as 95% of investors involved agreed to accept the 75% haircut in return (swap) for new Greek debt. The markets loved it, for the prior two days there were doubts that led to a sudden and sharp 200 point decline on Tuesday of the DJIA. By Friday’s payroll report, they were right back up, with the NASDAQ Composite testing the 3000 mark again, its highest level in 12 years. As of this writing USA cash and future equities are still maintaining their multi-year cycle highs of February 29-March 2, although in some, that could still change by early next week. But this could also be what is known as a “double topping” formation. According to studies published in Volume One of “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing: Cycles and Patterns in the Indexes,” This is a common chart pattern at primary and longer-term cycle crests. But is this a long-term cycle crest? It’s still possible due to the Jupiter effect described over the past several months, and re-examined in this week’s shortened report. We could know the answer shortly.

Gold and Silver continued to struggle last week, with Gold falling as low as 1663 and Silver down to 3249 on Tuesday. But this is entirely normal behavior at this point within their primary cycle. If it continues lower after next week, there may be cause for concern and a special update for subscribers. I still view this recent decline as a “Gift from heaven.”

Short-Term Geocosmics

There will be more “Gifts from heaven” this week.

A rare and fascinating geocosmic pattern will unfold in the skies, March 12-14. It is known as a “Grand Trine” in the study of astrology, which means that there are at least three planets forming an equilateral triangle to one another, in which each part is 120° degrees distance from the other. Since it is happening in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), it is known as an “Earth Grand Trine.”

Earth signs, in this case, represent financial and mundane political matters. In astrology, it is said that those born with an earth grand trine (or a grand trine in the earth houses, which are second, sixth, and tenth houses) are said to be financially blessed, with opportunities to do extremely well in life. Therefore this current pattern involves the world’s financial structure, and the “gift from heaven” associated with it is being addressed specifically to the government of Greece.

In this particular instance, the pattern commences with the trine between Jupiter (in Taurus) to Pluto (in Capricorn) on Monday, March 12. The next day, Venus (in Taurus) will also make a trine aspect to Pluto. And on Wednesday, March 14, Venus will form a conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus, as well as a trine to both Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars will trine Jupiter this day as well. It’s all about money (Venus and Taurus) and debt restructuring (Pluto). One can see how this would lend support to the Greek debt restructuring, where Greece agrees to pay about 25 cents on the dollar to those bondholders who lent it money, in exchange for a new deal. In typical Venus-Jupiter fashion, the financial community will initially celebrate yet another successful round of “kicking the can down the road,” with the hope that more time will somehow yield another solution to the same problem that no one has thought of yet. But with Saturn to enter Scorpio in October 2012 for nearly three years, the “Time of Reckoning” is fast approaching. It is the realization that there are no magical or miraculous solutions, only practical decisions and sacrifices, which of course will be disappointing to political leaders whose messages are always based upon promises of the magical and miraculous – if you elect “me.”



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Posted 10 March 2012 - 07:15 AM

Best fade in tawn.