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Posted 08 December 2017 - 02:59 PM

Benghazi Coverup Uncovered

It has been plain almost since the beginning that the United States government has been dissembling about what happened on Sept. 11, 2012, when the U.S. mission in Benghazi was attacked and four people, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, were killed.

It has also been plain that most of the mainstream media has intentionally chosen to ignore, to downplay or to actively distort the possibility that the White House lied about Benghazi.

But when you get right down to it, the fault for the nation’s general ignorance about the Benghazi coverup does not belong to the media; it belongs to ourselves.

If any American doesn’t know by now that UN ambassador Susan Rice misled the world when she went on five Sunday morning talk shows and claimed that the Benghazi mission was attacked as the result of anger about a YouTube video, then they simply haven’t been doing their job as citizens. This information has been readily available to anyone who wanted it, and it’s no one else’s responsibility to make sure you are well-informed. Blaming the big media outlets only goes so far. “The fault ... is ... in ourselves, that we are underlings.”



FBI Deputy Director McCabe Told Agents To Lie About Benghazi Investigation


John Solomon of The Hill reports tht Rep. Ron Desantis (R-FL) recently interviewed a retired FBI supervisor who told him he was instructed by Deputy Director Andrew McCabe not to call the 2012 Benghazi attack an act of terrorism when distributing the FBI's findings to the larger intelligence community - despite knowing exactly who conducted the attack. 


The agent found the instruction concerning because his unit had gathered incontrovertible evidence showing a major al Qaeda figure had directed the attack and the information had already been briefed to President Obama, the lawmaker said. -The Hill


After the September 11, 2012 attack against U.S. government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration peddled a lie, telling the public that the attack was related to Muslims who had become enraged at an anti-Islam YouTube video, and not a planned act of terrorism - despite Hillary Clinton emailing Chelsea Clinton from her unsecure @clintonemail.com server the night of the attack to say exactly that.


Without Russia as villain, how could Deep State  bamboozle us into accepting the bloated trillion dollar “defense” budget