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The Cultural Revolution

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Posted 11 March 2017 - 05:23 PM

great warren pollock, starts about 10 min. one of my favorite thinkers along with Fitts.

there is no evidence based reality in satanism because they want the ignorant malleable.

history is written by the victors. the ignorant that never left the porch know nothing outside the asylum cage they


are born in, can vote.

all thoughts and statements are opposite the chanting ignorant, it's probably some sort of political correct thought crime to listen.



"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan

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Posted 13 April 2017 - 01:06 PM

If you are a white student in college, you doubtless hear daily that white people are evil, the principal cause of everything wrong with the world. Whiteness is bad, white people are bad. We are to blame for everything. 


“What have other races and ethnic groups accomplished in the world compared to what we white people have?”  

Being very young, you will probably have little idea of the vast body of knowledge, won over millenia, behind all the things you take for granted. At your age, I didn’t either. It takes years to get a handle on things. It will be harder for you because your universities will discourage you from looking around you. But glance at the very partial list below to get an idea of what the white race has done over the centuries.

Euclidean geometry. Parabolic geometry. Hyperbolic geometry. Projective geometry. Differential geometry. Calculus: Limits, continuity, differentiation, integration. Physical chemistry. Organic chemistry. Biochemistry. Classical mechanics. The indeterminacy principle. The wave equation. The Parthenon. The Anabasis. Air conditioning. Number theory. Romanesque architecture. Gothic architecture. Information theory. Entropy. Enthalpy. Every symphony ever written. Pierre Auguste Renoir. The twelve-tone scale. The mathematics behind it, twelfth root of two and all that. S-p hybrid bonding orbitals. The Bohr-Sommerfeld atom. The purine-pyrimidine structure of the DNA ladder. Single-sideband radio. All other radio. Dentistry. The internal-combustion engine. Turbojets. Turbofans. Doppler beam-sharpening. Penicillin. Airplanes. Surgery. The mammogram. The Pill. The condom. Polio vaccine. The integrated circuit. The computer. Football. Computational fluid dynamics. Tensors. The Constitution. Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Homer, Hesiod. Glass. Rubber. Nylon. Skyscrapers. The piano. The harpsichord.  







Why do liberals hate Christians and love Muslims?