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Cops Framed Schizophrenic Woman as Killer Lesbian

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Posted 10 September 2016 - 09:14 AM

Cathy Woods was the “longest-serving wrongfully convicted woman to be exonerated in United States history"


Police actions were deliberate crimes, yet no consequence for them.


“At the time of the interrogations, the Law Enforcement Defendants were eager to solve a highly-publicized murder case that had become a cold case.”


Already detained in the hospital against her will, Woods was highly susceptible to giving a false confession. Police investigators did not read her Miranda rights, ignored her plea for an attorney, did not allow her to leave the hospital room where she was held, and otherwise ignored her signs of mental illness and distress, the lawyers say.


Eventually, Woods confessed to murdering Mitchell. Or at least, police say she did.


There’s no record of Woods’s confession like a recording. Nor did police ask her to write her confession, or sign a sworn affidavit. Instead, police memorialized a confession after Woods’s interrogation, feeding Woods non-public information about the crime in order to make her appear complicit.







Harvard types end up working for Wall Street to fleece the world, working for Deep State to perpetuate US globo-hegemony, and working in elite institutions to spread PC and subvert freedom of speech.