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The Global American Imperium is dying

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Posted 29 October 2016 - 05:33 PM

Washington does not have control of Afghanistan, and obviously, is not going to.

Washington does not have control  of Iraq and appears unlikely to.

Washington did not back Iran down and isn’t going to.

Washington did not back Russia down in Ukraine and Crimea and isn’t going to.

Washington did not back China down in the South China Sea and, while this is perhaps not over, the Empire seems to be losing.

Washington has not backed North Korea down and is not going to.


Meanwhile, Washington thrashes around impotently as per usual in Syria, and, though the jury remains out on this one, looks to have poor prospects. If Washington–AKA New York–loses here, after doing so in Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Afghanistan, the Empire will beyond redemption be on the downward slope.


The United States is not in danger. The Empire is.






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