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Decline and fall of the ruling class 2014-2022

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 11:01 AM

everything trump says is a) true B) a cryptic announcement of the plan


"yes, we will have Christmas again" and the webbot call for three waves Nov 18 - Dec 21. Biblical.



is almost no way this was all assembled in a short time of one year. Notice all the bait and switch red herrings laid


to keep the satanists think they are running the same scam on fake news while they were being indicted. Is that from the


Art of the Deal?


some think it was,

trump used obamacide $50B waste on nsa data center to connect satanists

through the huma laptop child murder snuff videos.

the pig satanists never figured their terrorist infrastructure would fall into the hands of a duly

elected constitutional civilian government, with obamas NDAA he can now kill obama "legally",

notice yet the pigs' "legal" is opposite the consitutional lawful. What goes around comes around, satanist karma.

Notice yet the trump curse, all pig satanists fell on their own sword.

obamacide is no where to be found, in a non extradition muslim sodomy cesspool.

it is said mueller is who personally delivered the uranium and took the russian bribe money,

on video? is this how trump turned mueller in the fake news russian investigation to take down the whole of

the alinski crowley cult.

wait til you see the military tribunals and public treason executions.


its the story I told, they let the terrorists take all the rope they wanted to hang themselves, it will epic if they

are killed "legally" with NDAA.



Lionel is covering it several times daily, a little long to listen.

also to look up coverage of the qclearance reports.


I will have to go back to listen to the sources that told the story of this plan several years ago.

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