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It's a Hard-Knock Life... for Bonds

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Posted 09 July 2017 - 09:03 PM

Running a bond portfolio in a rising interest rate environment is hard.  Here are two active managers, Jeffrey Klingelhofer and Nicholos Venditti who have a lot to say.  Their honest and sometimes blunt opinions reflect their position in an increasingly difficult market.

Consuelo Mack explores coping mechanisms with the duo on a recent episode of "Wealthtrack" (#1349).  Some particular areas of focus:  the two levers for bond investment, credit spreads today, the advantage of a laddering strategy, tobacco bonds (why they exist and their outlook), Puerto Rico, and so on.  It really is wink.png  a Hard-Knock Life...for Bonds


I first heard of bond ladders in the late 80s, but viewed them only as a means to roll assets in maturing bonds.  I particularly liked the explanation in this episode of "Wealthtrack" of how the strategy can work effectively in a rising interest environment.  These two bond guys have a passion for their niche, and enthusiasm for finding ways to serve their clients.

I realize this interview may not get a lot of attention on a website devoted primarily to equities and shorter term holding periods, but it might stretch your horizons a bit.  I believe the insight from the interchange will be worth the viewing/listening time. -- Alton