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Finally face-to-face with the Walmart malignancy

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Posted 03 October 2017 - 12:34 AM

Raytown, Missouri.


From the Link:



In a city of about 10 square miles officers made more than 500 arrests last year at the Walmart store at 10300 E. U.S. 350. The store is the scene of about 30 percent of Raytown’s reported serious crimes.

Meanwhile, Walmart does not contribute taxes for police services. The TIF deal that built the store a decade ago diverts about $300,000 in tax dollars away from public safety every year.


On Tuesday, as the Raytown Board of Aldermen talked with police officials about cutting about 30 percent of the department’s budget and its full-time positions, Alderman Eric Teeman suggested labeling the Walmart a “public nuisance.” "Right now, we’re getting this much from Walmart,” Teeman said, making a “zero” sign with his hand. “Walmart’s bleeding this town.”


‘Walmart’s bleeding this town,’ official says as Raytown faces police layoffs


Labeling the civic parasite a "public nuisance" could force the corporation to pay for its police security. Why not force them to contributing members of the community to do business in?  Like paying fair taxes, wages, benefits.  If they won't pay and if they threaten to leave town, rush them out.  The sooner they are gone, the sooner the town has a chance to prosper.


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