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Bitcoin could replace gold

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#51 CLK



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Posted 25 November 2018 - 09:38 AM

I think you misrepresented your actions to the public, saying one thing and doing another so that you could claim hodling

worked for you. Never once in 2017-18 did you say you were cashing out and bringing money home, all you kept talking about was 

how you were stressed you couldn't get your next 401k loan fast enough. 

#52 dougie



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Posted 27 November 2018 - 09:04 PM

one wonders if paid shills ever visit the4se haunts



#53 AChartist



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Posted 28 November 2018 - 05:32 PM

 I'm not bullish on this and my cycles weren't good as I kept saying more lows, the cycles looked real good


at the last low however and I made the mistake of calling a low for the first time and putting in $2k.


We'll there was one more concern the cycles change and oscillate with actual results, there was one cycle low later


I thought late Dec., but this had left the calculations I thought it may have occurred at that last low.


So I'll recalculate and see what that looks like doesnt matter much I'm not really putting more in unless


its small increments cost averaging. I've resolved what I have from long ago and what I bought by redistributing those parabolic gains


will just stay there for a good 10 years or if it really worked well some time in between.


So I'll show what the cycles were when I called for a low and again when I recalculate. The possibility is how Fitts says, how it happened


to superior tech companies in the 1980s that got rolled up by clinton microsoft judges, the deepstate has ways of crashing it and buying out


the parts they want and owning it all for free so no one benefits. Otherwise always good news items of Ohio accepting it for taxes, Fedility creating their crypto exchange, IMF telling


all countries to create their own national crypto, etc. Who knows how it works out. If there ever is a deepstate index on Fidelity's exchange,  the lessons of the stock


mkt are mostly buy that and check back in 20 years. Im just saying no one knows. At least you'll know its a deepstate op when Fidelity's exchange opens and all the sudden


is an sanctioned index.

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"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan

#54 AChartist



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Posted 11 January 2019 - 09:46 PM

Clif is saying June-Jul btc low, panic buy pretty quickly after going up through 8k

and impossible to buy by 2020 insane prices. who knows yet.

I'll check on buying one or two in June the way time goes that will be soon enough.

Says he is being suppressed by occult and may not be able to make reports at the right time

"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan