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Posted 12 August 2018 - 06:50 AM

Death of a Nation 


1. Lincoln was a Republican, indeed the first Republican President.

2. The Democrats he ran against were largely supporters of slavery, both Southern Democrats and Northern Democrats.

3.  The Klu Klux Klan was an organ of the Democratic Party designed to suppress voter rights in the South.

4. Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, was an arch segregationist, who showed Birth of a Nation at the White House, leading to a re-invigoration of the Klan in American life. 

5. The segregationist Dixiecrats were Democrats, including George Wallace and most all of the the bestial Southern sheriffs during  the Civil Rights Movement.

6. . Many Democrat politicians basically had an agenda of keeping urban Northern blacks dependent and thus loyal to the Democratic Party.  So much so that some  black leaders today are calling the urban ghettos the "urban plantation.

7.  Republicans have been largely dense and oblivious to many of these problems, and kept aloof in the suburbs, leaving the field to corrupt big city boss Democrats.  Only one segregationist Democratic senator, Strom Thurmond, and one Democratic congressman actually switched parties.

8.  Robert  Byrd, a former Dragon of the Klan, remained a Democrat  till his death and was lionized by the leaders of  Democratic Party


Now let us turn to international affairs.

 9. Nazism was the acronym for National Socialism 

10. Hitler was a socialist of sorts, he built the Autobahn, the Volkswagen,  provided electrification for rural villages.  He was a populist, who was hated by the Conservative Junkers of Prussia. 

11. Nazism was economically a party of the left but was opposed to International Socialism of Soviet Russia.

12. Many of the Brown Shirts were homosexual. Actually, in the last part of the 19th century, Magnes Hirschfeld  directed an Institute of Sexual Studies in Berlin, in which he distinguished  butch and femme homosexuals.  Many  Nazis were butch homosexuals who hated femme homosexuals -- really the feminine in themselves. 





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Defenders of the status quo are always stronger than reformers seeking change, 
UNTIL the status quo self-destructs from its own corruption, and the reformers are free to build on its ashes.