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vitaminm are@7
daily down trend S@5.50
vitaminm buy first resist@7-8
daily S@6.25
hey vitaminm,

Are you reading my mind or some of my posts at other forums? biggrin.gif

I bought a small position in U.TO last week at 6.55. I will wait till next week to look to add. I think uranium can rally with oil and the energy complex. CCO.TO (not long this one yet) and U.TO are the conservative positions I'd take initially. But some of the junior producers should get moving to confirm a move for the sector.

There is also the possibility of a larger cycle low for the uranium sector that I am looking at that could be forming here as well.


vitaminm sell........S@32-31
projects 37.......a very good channeling stock since last june
vitaminm buy.....S@6-5...........R@7
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