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Red/Green line = $BPGDM
Blue line= 8 ema
Solid Green line= GDX

Looks bearish to me with 8 ema and stochastics crossovers along with the MACD negative divergence. bear.gif Holding my DZZ position. yes.gif

Good trading to all.

nice chart that
we will see wont we
QUOTE (redbrush @ Sep 23 2009, 06:34 AM) *


Just a heads up. That site was blocked by my Malwarebytes antivirus program.
FWIW - Here is the article.

Gold Market: Almost 100% Of Money Managers Are Long
Vincent Fernando|Sep. 22, 2009, 8:54 AM | 1,294 |comment18
Tags: Investing, Money, Commodities

If you are long gold, you're no contrarian. U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data shows that the net long position of speculators in gold has reached an all-time high of 93.6%.

Worse yet, nearly 100% of money manager speculators within this data, such as gold-related index funds and managed accounts, are long gold.

There's a dearth of traditional market players on the long side. Which has caused some professional traders to worry they might run out of people to sell to, once investment funds' buying interest is exhausted.

Hard Assets Investor: For now, there seems plenty of contracts on offer by others in the gold trading ring as commercials and swap dealers got even shorter last week. Even large noninstitutional traders and small speculators lightened up their net long exposure by taking some money off the table.

Open interest is still building in gold futures, so new traders are entering the fray. But, with every trader category getting shorter, and only money managers as net buyers, you've gotta ask yourself: "What do these guys know ... or think they know?"
Gold Market: Almost 100% Of Money Managers Are Long

That's pretty much why I am not comfortable being mega invested in gold or gold stocks right now. When things are this crowded, it is never a good sign. Sure one can hold onto your gold coins, but a big breakout for gold right here is going to be hard to see.

I remember last year when oil was attacking the 140s. One of my brokers at the time was interviewing all the fund managers and hedgies. Every single one was long energy stocks and uber bullish. This was late May and June. That is what prompted me to start this thread below. We all know what happened next ...


@this point , this is not a good sign
in the run , it is normal
we aint there yet.
caution is in order
i have raised cash, as i have stated
when specs are on the right side (was it 2005-6) things can go on for a while folks
Something else to consider.

Good trading to all.
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