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Of my Oct 14 Post of "Get the Hell out "

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Posted 11 January 2014 - 07:58 PM

Was actually a pretty good call.

My 401k hit just $100 higher value only twice since I said that, the 401k being
essentially unchanged in positions and waiting for what I thought was a
secondary Christmas high.

In my cycles, I am aware that what I am usually getting the internal high of
breath x price = account value, and index highs can come later.

However in my stock accounts I had a big run staying with the 3D printers
and really nothing much else performed in my stocks. They made the whole
year at the end.

Note to self, these secondary highs lurking in my cycle calculations may be good
for the favored momentum darlings of the day.

So I am mixed and confused for now, my cycles are awful. I have seen this come a
couple ways. Market ignores it but makes a later fast reaction down, or market goes down
initially with these cycles but finds some intervention and can do an down up down ordinary

I am pretty sure there will be a bad spot along the way, perhaps it chops and lasts to late
March and a good drop occurs April to July, or it drops 2nd half of Jan, then again in March.

What I am doing then is going to high cash, I will then continue slow auto investments into
ROBO, FXR, DVY, YYY etf's and my 3D printers.
In declines, should they occur like late Jan and March, I can step in with bigger cost average chunks into certain stocks
which I don't know what they are yet but am researching. Some stocks I will just keep no matter what and cost average
if drops occur. I am pursuing the Buffet theme of never selling certain stocks and reinvesting dividends.

I am a little too scared to use puts because they can burn the time value, if a decline does not
occur until Apr through July. I think the high cash way with core holdings is best for now.

In the 401k which appeared to work in the last week, I diversified out into a cross section of internationals of
all sorts. I will get a specific emerging market and add to my corporate convertible next week for diversification.

But really right now, my cycles are awful so there should be some action down either March or July.

Puplova sounds all bullish now.


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