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new 2016 plan

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Posted 08 May 2016 - 10:27 AM

epiphany went off when I took a traffic detour through a neighborhood I never see, probably the top of the wellfare


class was $30-40k houses with little tax credits on the porch and many many new cadillacs out front.


Plus the government debt paper bail-in confiscating money markets, announced by Schwab for "qualified" collective pensions.



When you read The Red Ammendment book, LB Bork, the whole red hearing was creating the parallel soviet system, putin said


the kremlin was run my Zionist bankers, for the tax and terror cold war scam, while the real communist system was rolled out


behind the curtain, many instances but one textbook operation was cia  MLK to delineate statute privileges to usurp the natural rights


and bill of rights. Reagan did throw a monkey wrench into the operations by crushing the ruble ( Ambassador Wanta) and busting up


the scam earlier than planned and now they lost control of putin.



corp earnings down 8% is the last of the white tax fodder putting cadillacs in the hood.



claiming DC is prosperous because of the Metro, when the brownshirt satanic infrastructure is engineered by $300k administrative


salaries off the white trash tax fodder, when 90% of congressional staff is in irs delinquency because they know and work some the


statute remedies created between the lines for them.



this is lies on lies they chant for more. should make you puke, 180k a month birth/death model jobs when new business creation is


negative since Satanism. 90% of the military coup corporation irs under direct administrative control of the marial law executive


prosecutions are against small company and indviduals at less than 100k income.



The bottom line on why the don't have any infrastructure investment is the universal law, bad money pushes good money out.


I'll go with millennia of universal truth than superstition ignorant chant.



There is no such thing as corporate income tax, it is just passed on in product and service prices, is VAT. All inflation is ignorant labor debasement.


The corporate income paid to W2 employess and shareholder divideneds 1099, is taxed excessively.




The ignorant that never left the porch think they create reality every day with their newest lie on lies.



Then I saw this on the mind control technologies puts it together. So webbot says the new American republics should be forming in 2017,


he can be off in time(years) and can misunderstand language in original conclusions that evolved but gets a lot right over time. 



My idea is the stocks take a hit after July 4 in my cycles I would not wait that long as earlier tops should be safer to exit.


Regardless of dollar decline effects repricing stocks up the earnings collapse and mass white trash tax fodder layoff should hit during July. 


I think there is very little time as I witness supply chain shortages building, to gather barter consumables down to everything taken for granted.



Not sure how long the stock swoon runs but well into 2017 for the next hypermonitization labor debasement scam, ultimately collapse of


paper debt, their definition of  "asset", pushes everything back into stocks. Since "qualified" money market is bailed in doesn't leave much


options unless the pension has a gold option or stay 50% short stock with 50% long stock with some June highs not waiting for last July 4 high.



The funny part is the former communist populations, Russia and east Europe have better coping mechanism and self sufficiency  because


they never experienced the same Satanist tax and terror slave ignorance government and can do things. I know a lot about it because my wife


is Ukranian and we compare notes to the parallels and difference in societies.


They basically followed all the same globalist mind control trends at the same times.


It was all a tax and terror ghost treat scam, all the same Zionist central bank that owns Hollywood and Disney.



Some weekend viewing on these topics, I saw a lot more real stuff this weekend.




"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan