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Share ONE thing you know for SURE about trading

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#71 JoeHuff



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Posted 12 July 2005 - 05:49 PM

OCTOBER: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks.

The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August, and February.

- Pudd'nhead Wilson's Calendar

#72 beta



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Posted 12 July 2005 - 07:00 PM

Dont overcommit. There's always another trade.

Edited by beta, 12 July 2005 - 07:08 PM.

"Daytrading -- An Extreme Sport !"

#73 Vector



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Posted 12 July 2005 - 07:58 PM

heroes trying to be the first to call or pick a top or bottom get blasted. Bottom pickers and top pickers are cotton pickers :lol:

#74 SandStorm



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Posted 13 July 2005 - 03:03 AM

Flexibility is the next best thing to having a crystal ball. :redbull: :bear:

#75 selecto



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Posted 24 February 2006 - 08:20 AM

The person who takes your trade thinks you are wrong.

#76 Tor



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Posted 22 July 2007 - 06:21 PM

Some of mine :) , and of others: Most difficult thing to do is sitting tight and being right. Livermore Me: You think you know You think they know No one knows In the market, two directly opposing opinions can be 100% correct Trust your own methods. Know why you enter. Think about why and how and when you may exit. Its never personal. Always have an opinion but it is not fact. The trend is not your friend. It is an illusion, seen only in hindsight, like a child growing up, seen every day or a tide movement. Doing less results in more.

The future is 90% present and 10% vision.