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Solar power absurd

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Posted 31 May 2017 - 09:32 AM

Green Energy Insurrection: Aussie Miners, Heavy Industry Threaten Investment Walkout over Energy Prices  


Glencore and other major players in Australia’s mining and heavy industry sectors are threatening to shut mines and factories, and divert all investment elsewhere, unless Aussie energy prices fall back to internationally competitive levels.  


 Tomago chief executive Matt Howell, who runs Australia’s largest aluminium smelter, said the company was considering cutting production due to “ridiculously high” wholesale electricity prices which would result in job losses. 


Electricity prices have skyrocketed in Australia in recent years, thanks to ideologically motivated roadblocks to Australian domestic gas explorationregulatory hostility towards the Aussie coal power industry, and government attempts to favour the use of unreliable renewable energy over stable baseload fossil fuel sources. 








Harvard types end up working for Wall Street to fleece the world, working for Deep State to perpetuate US globo-hegemony, and working in elite institutions to spread PC and subvert freedom of speech.