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Stock on a bounce around Tuesday

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 03:11 AM

From the link:



Looking around the market, there are some interesting stock moves. Like how healthy is this market when GE is in free fall? You’d think it was Kodak. Or RACE dropping twelve points off an all time high in seven trading days. Did Ferrari flat run out of gas? Actually I think RACE may be a winner the rest of this week.


My nifty-50 stock list continues to slop around in middle ground. A 40-plus overbought will probably not be a sell but a 40-plus oversold will be a big buy sign for a rally to wherever. See the signals table in the link.


On the crazy plus side, TSLA bounces 15 points today after falling 80 from a double-top all-time high. The banks all had their hands up. Double-digit dividend Reit stocks were up. Why no one buys those dividends on a steady basis is beyond me? And coal stocks, living on the never-ending hope Trump will dish the sector a truckload of taxpayer cash, were also up some. I was going to say “undying hope” but switched to “never-ending” because the coal companies are dying no matter what.
Solar stocks, on the other hand, have again been leaders on this latest refusal of the market to go down hardly at all. See the chart of FSLR in the link, up 29% since rising up out of the tight Darvas box and soaring into the sky in little over a month (might be time to lock some profits there).


Signals swing and stocks bounce around and the sun still shines

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