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Issues >50dma R2K part II

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Posted 16 November 2017 - 03:39 PM

Was expecting this bounce 2 or 3 days ago.  Yes I was long.  Was very, very close y'day morning to getting stopped out.  In 7 years of data + my custom oscillator, I have never seen those issues >50dma R2K lay on the ground like that (the reverse is not true, b'cause they can ride the top for days and days), but usually the after 2 days of riding the bottom, you bounce good and hard.  I know we had not sold much in terms of price, but I got long on 11/10 after 3 days of it riding the bottom and it rode it for 4 more days... jeez.  I may throw that thing out until we see some heavy selling in the future.  Almost ruined that beautiful short I nailed 11/7 with this stupid long.  Just glad to be out of this thing with a profit.


SPX redbulls will probably get their new highs or whatever... Probably.  Better u than me to be long this garbage after today.  Lets see what u get, as it might not be much.  R2K has topped for the year, I will continue to say it as I said at end of September.  Will only be looking for a good short on it again when the time arises.  Will step aside until then.  Yesterday was way too close on my stops.2017-11-16_1422.png

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Posted 16 November 2017 - 06:53 PM

I killed it may be one of the best trades I have made.  Was short going into yesterday morning, Expecting the bottom at 2563 es, That was my plave to flip long.  We opened under my target so I got out at the market and flipped long at 2659 es. I was trading IWM.... My short was from 146.20 on tuesdays close, got out at 144.25 or there abouts and flipped long at the same time. Got in about 144.50's bought the weekly 147 call for .20 and got out when I posted for .85....


What a ride...


But we differ in I am NOT looking for new highs here,  Maybe 2590-93 es then Monday the bottom falls out. Will take this short via the IWM again as I see the downtrend picking up speed going into the 27th-28'th bottom I I am targeting 1440-45 on RUT....


I would bevery interested in your RUT VST indicators say... do they give you a VST warning?  Please feel free to PM me as the perma bulls here will just poo-poo the thought of such a thing.  As in when I said at 2582-85 I was targeting 2563... One well respected guy simply replied "Nutz"  well two days later I was looking at a 400% flop... then a 300% ride back up. 


Flat now of course, But Trust me this thing "Is Not Over"