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Crypto Alt Token Bitcoin Thread V

bitcoin altcoins tokens

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#201 AChartist



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Posted 15 January 2018 - 10:02 PM

joe had approval to read it online so this snippet should be ok. But now he says bitcoin leaves 13888 base to dizzy heights

by mid Feb, this doesnt necessarily speak to the rest. So this is a big accumulation era for me.


from clif Jan '18 report:


Modelspace picks up large amounts of language for 'new business', 'new partnerships (making the
news)', 'new investments', and similar descriptors going to the idea of a 'visible', and 'notable'' increase
in the 'pace of business activities' across USAPop. All of these new sets examined are cryptocurrencies
supporting sets, or are bringing in positive emotional tone values to CryptoSpace in general.
Many new sets for 'focused', and 'great results' that will be described as 'dynamic' both in the
manifestation, as well as the impact. These 'focused successful results' sets are growing as modelspace
is moved across all of January with a large 'plop' of yet more 'spectacular results' showing as the month


In the language accruing to modelspace at the end of January, there is a dominating supporting sub set
for the 'return on investments' that is showing as the 'language of the day', or the 'hot topic'. These sets
for 'return on investments' gain supporting sets for 'extraordinary', and 'life changing', and other
descriptors around 'generation wealth creation', and 'new dynasties', and 'stellar partnerships'. This last
set has specific language for existing partnerships that will be 'highlighted' as 'cryptocurrencies stars' at
the end of January which will be such a huge coincidence with the events of February and March as to
prompt discussions about the 'synchronicity' of it all in April.
A consistent thread continues to describe the 'trading action' in CryptoSpace as being 'range bound'
over January through to the last week of February. Thereafter, that is, from last week in February
through to the end of April, there is the 'first flush' of the 'early adopters' that will be 'moving prices',
and 'pushing (into) cryptocurrencies'.

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#202 CLK



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Posted Yesterday, 11:10 AM

A rally from 2,000 to 10,000 will surely feel dizzying.  





#203 SemiBizz


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Posted Yesterday, 01:06 PM

Sources tell me that the gov'ts are cracking down on Bitcoin and the Crypto-currencies...


We haven't seen anything yet.


Might want to close any bank accounts you have that have wired funds to a crypto exchange.


They don't need any new laws passed, just enforce the ones already on the books...


Did you really think they were going to let this be a currency?



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#204 CLK



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Posted Yesterday, 05:47 PM

Pure conditioning. Oh but it always goes back up higher.


Looking to buy July 2017 prices, then sell the first big bounce.



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Posted Yesterday, 06:45 PM

Follow the blue line?


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Posted Yesterday, 06:56 PM

Follow the blue line?




I read that the difference in those past bubbles and crypto is that they were isolated to a small subset of people in that immediate region, crypto is available globally and the investments are more and diverse. Also, this particular run up over the last 6 months could look like a small bump on the chart over the next 10 years. Bitcoin did this in 2015, same run up, 90% retrace. I could be wrong but I'm leaning towards a quick 90% then rebound to a trading range. Whatever happens I won't be 100% invested anymore, my life savings on the line, can't afford to lose.

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#207 AChartist



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Posted Yesterday, 11:13 PM

its just bs, wallstreet gets their bonus this month and wants it down to buy,

they put fake news in reuters of unamed "sources" that south korea is to shut down exchanges, when SK

securities agengy denies it. Reuters unamed sources is who had hillary winning by 95% confidence, that sort

of satanist [bleeeep]. There will be truth in presentation laws coming to shut them down.

Centralized exchanges will be no more, will be peer to peer is the Pillar wallet and others

in the space eliminates exchanges. Ox (zrx symbol) is a software backbone to decentralized peer to

peer. In pillar wallet will all be transparent just select what you are exchanging from and to and it goes

out in the decentalized market and makes the trade.

mostly youll want some bitcoin and litecoin for the spring and summer and some others will be unique leaders

should be OMG PPT Veri Plr many others.

Honk kong that is robust about free market intergrity has a new exchange KuCoin that I may go to most people

only like binance it is in free market singapore. South Korea is a client state of the banksters.

Clif high talks about the communist rothchild countries meddling with the free market are the ones that collapse and backfire as the

rest of the free world prospers.

But also more specifically to this incident, I did suggest once, the likely lowpoint was when bitconnect failed, it did today, was a ponzie.

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"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan