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From Oil and Gas Waste Water Treatment to Magnesium- Lithium Extraction -- Part II

MGX Minerals

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 05:49 PM

Folks rarely mention individual issues in this forum.  I seldom have.  The exception was an initial Oct 2017 post when MGX Minerals was @ $0.62 USD. http://www.traders-t...ium-extraction/  I hope you noticed and studied it.


MGX closed today @ $0.9731 USD on more that 1.2M shares traded -- highest US volume ever. This monster volume took out the swing highs of August, Nov, and December.  The link to this morning's news is



This news item mentions the 750 bbl/day plant being deployed for up to 2M/year revenue . MGX has moved on to designing plants to handle up to 15000 barrels per day.  To avoid dilution, plant deployment can be handled via project financing loans and private placement partnerships using the water treatment contracts as collateral.  It owns the technology, so it can maximize revenue by retaining ownership in and control over the plants that are deployed.


MGX has the potential to move upstream from water treatment, to mineral recovery, to mineral processing, and ultimately battery manufacturing as the low cost producer of lithium.  Teck-Cominco, the largest Canadian miner, just arranged to take a @1.7M share position in MGX by transferring it's zinc-air battery subsidiary, ZincNyx to MGX for MGX stock. https://www.mgxminer...-solutions.html


Magnesium brine mining might generate greater revenues than lithium as high magnesium/lithium brines used to be uneconomic.  MGX can process and extract both.  Magnesium sells for @ $2000 USD/ton.  Lithium for @ $14500/ton.  Magnesium concentrations are vastly greater than lithium in these brines.


Its formed an 8 month cup and handle break out pattern.


Elliott Wave wise it counts well as being in sub-minuette wave (iii) up from minuette wave ii on Oct 16. (Minor wave 2 ended at the May 2017 low-Minor 1 at the Feb 2017 high. We are now in the early stage of minor wave 3. A traditional 1.618 price extension of the range of Minor wave 1 from the bottom of Minor wave 2 places the Minor Wave 3 price target of $3.78 USD (or $4.72 CAD at today's exchange rate). :-)


For a recent research report see



Disruptive green technology. 


I'm touting my book.  However, it is worth some study. Do your own due diligence.

Opportunity knocks on your door every day-answer it.

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