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Only the PPT can save the markets

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Posted 06 February 2018 - 06:17 AM

The FED & all other Central Banks, the investment banks, the Goldmans & JP Morgans, the Credit Suisses et al will not allow this market to crash.

They will intervene.

They will send a message to Kohn et al at the White House to try to shut up Trump. 

Shorts beware, they could turn this thing around quickly. 
The looming Feb 8 Govt shutdown will be averted with another extension but the really important question is;

how will they take away the punch bowl from a market addicted to free money ?


"trading in XIV ETF halted  (263.93)
  • S&P futures are trading lower by about 28 points below fair value. Many are attributing the sell off over the last few days to concerns over increasing interest rates, however, the 10 year yield is currently down 7 bps at 2.71%. The VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term exchange-traded note (XIV) traded lower by up to 84% in the after hours session last night. The ETF is currently halted for trading. The ETF which is managed by Credit Suisse (CS -4% overseas), gives traders a way to bet on the opposite move of the volatility index.
  • Some market analysts were linking this ETF to one of the causes of increased volatility yesterday. A spokesperson for Blackrock (BLKwarned of risks regarding these types of ETFs"