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THE Parabola...part II

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#1 tommyt



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Posted 08 February 2018 - 05:33 PM

As warned in January, the parabola would be a dangerous thing when it decided to unwind. Well the volatility is intense and will continue. A better test or double bottom around the 200d MA is reasonable for this phase. Amazing day trading is back.



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#2 fib_1618



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Posted 08 February 2018 - 09:15 PM

As warned in January, the parabola would be a dangerous thing when it decided to unwind.


Yep...all "seat of your pants" kind of trading right now.


Friday will be a make or break on many levels....should be interesting.



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#3 AChartist



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Posted 08 February 2018 - 11:50 PM

a 7 week RUT cycle can be a deep low next week, bounce 2 weeks,


final low late March. 


I'll keep the 401k additions going in with next week, maybe skip the end of Feb one, add again beginning March.


Cycle is not necessarily strong up after Mar low either.


I dont really do wallstreet crap and dont care and dont trade around it, all that is a middle class plantation

tax depopulation scam but I do some 401k to get the company match. I can take the company

match and move it every month to the self directed for any investment in an LLC corporation.

401k cant be used until income and tax rate is low after retirement, at that point they have the vaccines, atmospheric aerosols, food and water toxins, FDA "regulated"

deathcare rigged so the average life expectancy is now down to 3 years after retirement. Femanatzi life expectancy down 10 years over the last

30 "progressive" years.

So you have to use it all in a window of 3 years when tax rate is lowest after retirement. Basically useless tax ponzie crap.


So at least I am an unbiased opinion dont care for the ponzie dont pay it much attention.

"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan

#4 Darris



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Posted 09 February 2018 - 01:34 PM

NYSE MCO right at the closing low on Monday now today, minus 117 or so with 486 to 2536.  And, SPX testing 200 day sma in 10 days off all time closing high.