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AAII bull bear ratio

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#1 da_cheif



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Posted 10 July 2018 - 04:46 AM

back to near the the feb lows




#2 robo



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Posted 10 July 2018 - 09:43 AM

That data/indicator helps me for weekly swing trading, and cycle lows. I track it differently then you do.  I'm not sure if you use it for real-time trading, but I do track it for sure as part of my ST sentiment data from Sentiment Trader. I do use it for real-time trading, but I use based on a weekly time frame like your doing.  It's also one of the long-term patterns I track. I'm currently using the 2007 pattern for a reference, so we shall see how it plays out in the months ahead.


You should be making some money today...


Good trading!


LT Historical Tracking pattern - 2007 pattern and data.  Please note the huge spike up after the SPX has already started the Bear Market. ( Monthly data) Traders and investors always BTFD at first and then say OH [bleeeep] later. I don't know for sure how this will play out, but the historical pattern is very clear, and one I track. I mention this only because you asked me yesterday about what I'm tracking. Well, this is one of many patterns I track.


I hope you have a good trading day Brother!


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