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Posted Today, 01:30 PM

When you see more pain in the indexes it should drop gold at the same time and at one point gold will stop going down while the indexes do and in that buy zone. All depends on the speed of the drop of the indexes.  I would think when es hits the 2000-2300 zone.

I think it is likely to reach 2300+ I will get out sooner most likely but need to see as we go.  The problem with gold and silver is that most will be dumping any they have to eat due to the solar minimum we are in by 2023-2024. So we can't get to greedy with it.   


btw guys take a look at the grains the move off the lows has started. We may end up seeing 1/4 of the world starve due to the lack of food and the prices.  The bull market in food will be amazing before it slows down. By April we should see 25% higher prices in grains and 40-60% in veggies.

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