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Stockcharts problems

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Posted 13 November 2018 - 08:32 PM

I have hit about rock bottom in my trading, I know what to do but my trading account size is low and I am worried a few whipsaws

in a row will put me out of business, so I try to hedge, knowing all too well that that doesn't work either. So my biggest obstacle

is not a system, it's undercapitalization. I'm not sure I needed DITM on the swing short I just did, but would definitely need it for a long,

and that is expensive. Anyway, just following price the short almost doubled, the signal still hasn't turned up and I'm buying all kinds of calls

based on a stupid inv. H&S that hasn't even happened, and I get faked at the close and hedged all of that short, what a mess.

I think I might close out everything on the open and start over and wait for the turn. It's hard watching a renko chart all day that doesn't move,

but until it does it's futile to try anything, most of the whipsaw is at the tops and bottoms, renko misses all of that, yeah it's late but it moves.


I'm to the point that price following is the only way, outside a few 90% signals, if I still go broke despite enough capital, then I will stop trading and just buy stocks for the long term and nothing more.


Reading all sorts of opinions can derail you, only way is to use it as sentiment information and keep focused, if they are right or wrong

it does't matter, only act on your system.

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 05:02 PM

Well this was a better day despite giving all my profit back at 2:30, I closed all longs at the top and closed short hedge at 2730, re-shorted at 2724 and was up to over 70% gain when the buy program hit, gave it all back but my system never went to a buy yet, I just don't like jumping back in late and risking a 30-50 point gap up, probably won't happen. So if I had just stayed short from the top I would be in 300% gain instead of trying front-run guessing long, after I took the first profit. Have a system and stick to it, and have enough money you can stand a few losses in a row.

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