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RUT cycles

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Posted 10 March 2019 - 09:50 AM

If it turns this week is a countertrend 35 week up cycle for about 7 more weeks.


Most longer term cycles are down together and low in 25 weeks, Oct again.


So this in 6-7 weeks should be where I sell alot of stock until Oct. Sell in May and go away.


Which implies Oct is when they start nest hypermonitization. Apparently they laundered missing $21T


through alphabets, 21T average maturity 3 years, $7T got monitized every 3 years. When it blows back


Oct what do you think they will do again, how was my quarterly cycles up for a few years after a lowpoint


sometime this year.


I had gold up until Aug so it may


be down into Oct too. I'll recheck gold cycles again but for now was figuring on Aug high.

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