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For Trending Markets, the Weekly Crosses of the 13/34 week EMA have been remarkably accurate in calling LT Market Turns especially when a Trendline (thin black lines) coincide with the cross. I do not think that the current uptrend line has been established yet, the low on this correction will set the second point.

According to the Chart shown, we are still in a Bull Market ....I wonder how many Mutual Funds underperformed this simplistic approach?

Now it doesn't work for non trending markets like the SOX but I checked about 20 major World Indexes and subindexes and only 2 gave one or two whipsaws
but for simplicity, its a nice check of where we are at.

13/34 EMA work well in any timeframe.

Just use trendlines, triangles and you have a nice trading system

MACD Divergences also... in order to anticipate a reversal (one of the best..... if not the best momentum indicator)
Yes it is as simple as this:)

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