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Announcement: Welcome to your new Board - Snag List

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We hope you like the new board following the upgrade. In a way, it's a bit like moving house. Pretty much everything is still there, but it may be a different place which in time, we will all get familiar with.
Needless to say, any major upgrade like this is bound to have a few teething troubles. So here's the ones we know about, you don't need to tell us about them. Posted Image

  • Some of the links to images are broken. The board seems to be a lot stricter than the old version about what is, and is not, an image.
  • You need to use a new method for posting Stockcharts images. We think it's easier to use. More info at this link
  • The Help system needs an overhaul it was very tailored to the old board and needs a refresh.
  • There is no way at present to Donate towards running costs and/or renew any subscriptions.
  • The new PM system (PMs are now called Conversations) may have a lot of 'Deleted' flags against messages. This is deliberate. It's a visual indicator for you that tells you that although you may have part of the Conversation, the original sender has deleted it from their Messenger.
This list will be updated as either you find more snags, and let us know, or we find them ourselves.
One feature that is gone forever is the ability to put a little icon in front of the topic title. This has been replaced with a verbal 'tag' system. At the moment tagging is switched on, and the tags you can use are unconstrained, but the Admins may add some constraints (or switch it off completely) at a later date.