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1-1/2 year transition

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Posted 02 February 2014 - 12:25 PM

They'll probably hit the underside of near term broken Aug '13 channel at 1830 this week and come back for 2nd-3rd week of Feb low then big run until they are paid 4/15, but for internals sake, I would cut back stocks and 401k late March. The Oct '12 channel is still up. However, in July where gold low cycle is likely, on a larger scale of two years, I will begin working out of stocks orientation to rising interest rate tools, realizing that stocks can and will go up with incipient phase of rising rates ( thought to be to late 2015 for stocks). I think the July gold low is likely the crucible moment of transition to rising rates. I am saying I will work the stock monitization bubble until late 2015 but, begin easing into rising rate tools because 30 years of training has to be reversed and these need to be learned, or unlearned the opposite of 30 years training. For one, the all time Dow return of <5%, plus dividends less taxes, is extraordinarily weak vs Whole Life guaranteed tax free dividend, I started that one year ago, it should be good to index with annual rates for a lifetime. I will need to learn other rising rate tools. I expect in July I will go into some of these ideas, unleaded gasoline TBT, short treasury livestock small into gold mutual big into gold physical I will look for an indexed annuity indexed for rising rates. But I think there is transition time from July '14 to late 2015, from stocks to rising rates.

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