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Posted 25 August 2003 - 12:01 PM

Current Service Offeredby E.E.Inger & Co., Inc.:
  • Gene Inger’s Daily Briefing™,is a nightly web-based audio-video perspective providing daily analysisand forecast of both short-term and macro market conditions. Posted 9p.m. ET each evening, the Daily Briefing focuses onsignificant events; interrelating monetary and geopolitical factors toproject impact on market psychology, and projected effect on ensuingaction. Daily Briefing 'technical analysis' voice-overcharts are included nightly, at: http://www.ingerletter.com.

    Based on over thirty years experience, as a moneymanager and a financial TV pioneer, Gene offers a lively andinsightful perspective of the day's action. He covers stocks, bonds,currencies & oil, as well as market-moving events of the day, incontext of both technical and fundamental structures. He examines levelsand patterns for the  S&P 500, DJIA, NDX and SOX in particular,with eyes on the future.

    Gene Inger been quoted over the years in Barron’s, The WallStreet Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, major papers, financialsites and radio programs. He's been a guest on CNN, PBS and was one ofthe original CNBC market maven. As financial television matured, Genealso pioneered internet text & audio market analysis, and initiatedan audio-video 'technical corner' perspective within the DailyBriefing

    The Daily Briefing is an ideal Service for investorsfocused on the short-term markets, by identifying patterns, pluspostulating ideas based on ongoing underlying fundamentals and pricemovements.
    Observationsfrom the interday MarketCast service are summarized asfinal audio-video (voice-over-charts) is identical for DailyBriefing and MarketCast members. 

    Note: Daily Briefing& MarketCast technical analysis are streamingaudio-videos, no downloads. Videos play in any PC or MAC browser; nospecial player required. You may be prompted for 'free' Adobe Flashupgrade.


  • Gene Inger’s MarketCast™, an emailed intradayservice featuring audio and/or voice-over-chart updates of currentmarket action. The service emphases movements in S&P futurescontracts, plus other Indexes, indicators, with same-trade or beyondtrading implications. Updates sent by email after the opening bell, at10:30 a.m., noon, 3 p.m. (times approximate plus pre-announced asnoted in volatility). A nightly summary is provided by included DailyBriefing access to our MarketCast members. During turbulentconditions or breaking news that impacts the markets, additionalinterim updates often provided.

    MarketCast provides near real-time analysis of tradingaction. Given a rapid pace of changing economic, psychological, andgeopolitical perceptions, shot-term traders need a compass like MarketCastto help keep their bearing. MarketCast is primarilyintended for traders in S&P futures or tech stocks, as wellas investors concerned about T-Bond and Dollar markets. The serviceprovides a running analysis of current action and indicates likelynext-day implications as well.

    MarketCast updates are accessed intraday by clicking linksto streaming video sent via email. No software or media playerrequired; and no download to your PC or MAC. On first visit you may beprompted to upgrade (free) Adobe Flash, if needed. Highspeed cable,DSL, or WiFi connection recommended for streaming video. MarketCastis intended for viewing on a PC, MAC or notebook; plusit may stream via selected cellphones.
     Smartphones with Internet browsers & Flashsupport may enable access. In such case simply clickemail links and Flash video would open in the browser. 3G or 4GBroadband wireless or WiFi link preferred. In this case members shouldtest phones first before assuming use beyond PC or laptop access.Newest iPhones or Blackberrys equipped with Flash areexamples of smartphones to evaluate for potential accesscompatability.

    MarketCast members access the final(nightly) comment within the Daily Briefing. A complimentarysubscription is provided our MarketCast members('free' sign-up procedure noted as you become a MarketCastmember).

Subscription Information

  -Gene's Daily Briefing is available at $159quarterly. Membership is purchased at this www.ingerletter.comweb site using secure subscription forms, a fax form, or by callingthe California office at 805-496-6441. It's auto-renewed Quarterlyunless otherwise instructed. American Express, Visa, MasterCardand Discover credit cards accepted. A single week's trial subscription- 'Inger Seven' - is also available at $26- as aone-time only trial. It provides access to the Daily Briefing,including nightly MarketCast, for one week beginning andending on a Saturday. Daily Briefing subscribers selecttheir own username / passwords during registration, with assistanceavailable if needed. Inger Seven subscribers are issuedusername / passwords automatically. Subscriptions represent a limitedlicense to read the Daily Briefing, not redistribute tonon-members.

The Daily Briefing is posted solely via our web site.Investors focused on the short-term and overall market conditionshould subscribe to Gene's Daily Briefing. It includespatterns and ideas postulated during the day via the MarketCastservice. The summarized final audio-video (voice-over-charts) providedin the Daily Briefing is identical to the MarketCastfinal.  


  - GeneInger's MarketCast™ . . enablesintraday views of the market's prospects, given rapid changes inongoing economic, psychological, and geopolitical volatility. MarketCastis primarily intended for daily short-term traders in S&Pfutures, surrogate ETF Indexes, T-Bonds, Oil, Dollar and tech-stocks.Current action, plus implications for ensuing trading provided.

MarketCast is the primary intraday service: $390 /quarterly. MarketCast updated after the opening bell; at10 a.m. ET, 11 am, noon, 3 p.m. (or as pre-announced on prior remarksduring volatility), with nightly audio-video final via included DailyBriefing access. Remarks normally about 10 min. past statedtimes or as preannounced.

MarketCast updates are accessed intraday by clickinglinks to streaming video sent via email. No software or media playerrequired; and no download to your PC or MAC. On first visit you may beprompted to upgrade (free) Adobe Flash, if needed. Highspeed cable,DSL, or WiFi connection recommended for streaming video. MarketCastis intended for viewing on a PC, MAC or notebook; plusit may stream via selected cellphones.

Frequent investor/traders; feel free to contact Lynn, Laura or Alanin our California office at (805) 496-6441 (Pacific Time hours)to ask questions, establish service, or via email directly: CA.office@ingerletter.com.Our webmaster doesn't assist MarketCast orders. OurCalifornia main office coordinates MarketCast services.Orders charged to major credit cards. International customers: checksin U.S. funds or foreign bank drafts on U.S. correspondent banksacceptable, should you prefer to order by mail.

Subscriptions are non-discountable or refundable. Electronicdistribution is evolving; so we'll refine the service as newtechnology allows. If events affect Gene's personal scheduling, orinternet traffic slows, we endeavor to issue brief text-based commentsat appropriate times, or preannounce if anticipated. If unforeseenevents or natural disasters occur; extensions automatically provided.We're cooperatively flexible of course.X

Gene Inger is thesole Editor & Publisher; all analysis in-house; never contractedto outside sources. Quotation of Gene Inger's Daily Briefingor MarketCast permitted via in-context excerpts, withaccreditation and ingerletter.com reference. We respect privacy sonever rent or release any subscriber names or data. Note pastperformance does not assure future results; trading decisions aresolely by investor's own evaluations or judgment; no allocationstrategies are intended.
E.E.Inger & Co. provides all information as a 'resource' of analysis. No determination intended or implied regarding suitabilityof any trading or investment decision. We urge investors consult theirbrokers or financial advisors prior to making decisions based on ourideas, or any others for that matter. We're an independent resource,not affiliated with any broker/dealer, hedge or mutual fund, norinvestor relations firm. Mr. Inger is a retired investment advisor; nolonger providing money management services. Gene's 'bio' is availablefor review on this site. Good trading!