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A full-time trader? Then, here are a few MUST-KNOW factors

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Posted 30 May 2018 - 09:18 AM

Some people prefer trading full-time whereas some others prefer part-time. It is really hard to pick the better one. In fact, there are both part-time and full-time traders in the United Kingdom and both the types of traders are successful. Basically, it is not of the type you fall into, it is all about how you educate and prepare yourself to trade CFD. You may assume that full-time traders are spending their whole day in the trading market. So by spending the whole day, they will get to learn a lot and earn a lot. But you are wrong! It is not the case. Even if a trader is a full-time trader, he may face losses and get kicked out of the market.


The case is how much knowledge you have regarding the market. How will you trade the market with the earned knowledge?  However, in this article, you will be finding a few must-know factors for a full-time trader. The major issue seen among full-time traders is that they think they can become full-time just because they know the market. They would have collected market information but that doesn't mean they have the experience or the practice. It is not an intelligent decision to quit the day job just because you ‘wish' to become a full-time trader. But then, when should you quit the day job? It is when you are ready to trade full-time confidently. It will happen after a lot of practice and experience. None of the experts become experts in a month or two. They don't become specialized that easily, it is all matter of hard work.


Be profitable for a specific time duration  

Trading is uncertainty, you never know what happens or what will happen. Assume that you have just entered the market and surprisingly, first rows of trades are profitable. So you just think that it is possible for you to become a full-time trader and you go quit the job. But then again, the next time you trade, the trades are not in your favor. What will you do? You will be depressed to encounter this situation. So, call to mind, trading full-time is not a decision that should be made based on one or two trades. CFD trading can be considered as a full-time career but not unless you make a constant profit for some time. It should be for a specific time duration.


Be the one who saves money

You do not know how the market is going to react the next minute. You are totally unaware of the market although you can have assumptions. The CFD market is always mysterious. However, there are traders who trade full-time but they do either one of these things. What are they? They have some amount saved up in case of emergencies or they have another income generating method. Basically, this is like an insurance for your safety.


Be the large account holder

It is not possible to make money without having money. You cannot meet yours and family needs with a small account. You cannot pay bills and purchase groceries with just a small trading account. In order to sustain, you should have a larger trading account. But if you follow the above two tips, you will eventually end up being the large account holder.


A full-time trader should have a financial backup for at least six months. You need to trade the market without any stress. Those who are trading with stress are the ultimate losers of the Forex market. You have to focus on the long-term outcome of the market. Try to follow the conservative way of trading and trade with managed risk. If required take some break to refresh your mind. Never become addicted to this trading profession as it will force you to overtrade the market. Try to maintain consistency in currency trading profession.