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Woman walks into a police office

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Posted 02 October 2018 - 04:43 PM

Woman walks into a police office.


“I’d like to report a sexual assault.”

Officer: Okay, tell me about it.
When did it happen?

Woman: I don’t know, but it was around 35 years ago.
Officer: Um, okay. Where did it happen?

Woman: I don’t know.

Officer: How did you get there?

Woman: I don’t know.

Officer: How did you get home?

Woman: I don’t know.
Officer: Did you report it then?

Woman: No.

Officer: Did you tell anyone about it at the time?

Woman: No, I waited 30 years to tell someone about it.




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Posted 02 October 2018 - 05:25 PM

perjury. said she was a pshchologist to the senate. Searches in CA cannot find her board certified.


she is from non accredited palo alto univ, non accredited is hollyweirdo pedo cults who give each other awards (degrees).


all of her family, father, brother, are cia.


she was a cia psychology trainer for new recruits. her "professional" paper was on the subject of creating memories through self hypnosis.


one issue in her marital therapy was a dispute with husband about installing a 2nd front door on her house. there is another story about formally losing the 


house to foreclosure but somehow has not left the house yet. $600k motive in three go fund me's might not even make a difference in CA.


Q says they had it all rigged, te polygraph and therapist notes withheld from senate committee, do not contain any name, that was left blank until


they had the target.

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