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Diet and BP

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Posted 01 September 2019 - 10:51 AM

Forget conventional wisdom, when it comes to controlling high blood pressure naturally,

you have to find out what works for YOU, by trial and error. I consume almost zero sugar,

except what is in condiments. I recently tried peanut butter again, I forgot there was a reason not to,

BP went up 40 points for days. I will not take the BP meds, if you want to live with all the side effects, 

go ahead, be miserable. For me, lots of lean beef and chicken, zero fish, not too many vegetables,

2-3 eggs every morning on loaf bread, I drink water only, always, Taco soup with canned 

tomatoes, no salt added with beef and corn, taco seasoning, usually lowers BP. My diet is not varied but instead very strict and narrow on the choices, salads are ok with balsamic vinegar only.

Pizza will ruin BP to the upside, as much as I like it, no more. People try to enjoy eating to the detriment of their

health. Even with the strict regimen it's difficult to keep low numbers, but the meds or eating whatever you want is not worth it.