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Vaccine Wars Turn Vicious

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Posted 04 September 2019 - 06:44 AM

Vaccines - anyone questioning the consensus gets viciously attacked  


in the medical profession, there is an unquestioned faith in vaccination. That is, all vaccinations, for all diseases, everywhere – for everyone. Anyone who dares to hint that, ahem, there could be some negative issues associated with vaccination is subjected to withering contempt.  


This is strange, because it has been clearly established that vaccination does not work in many people:      https://www.lewrockw...vaccine-debate/


I have said several things that cannot be said.

Vaccination does not always work – burn the unbeliever.
Vaccination may not have been entirely responsible for ridding the world of smallpox – burn the unbeliever.
Measles is not the killer disease that it once was – burn the unbeliever.
You can have measles vaccination and still get measles – burn the unbeliever.
To me, these are just facts, and to state them is simply part of valid scientific questioning. For some reason, to question any ‘fact’ about vaccination is to be flung into the outer darkness. People get very, very, angry. They close their minds and they get polarised. 
Screeching at people that they simply don’t understand ‘science’ is not a good approach.

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Defenders of the status quo are always stronger than reformers seeking change, 
UNTIL the status quo self-destructs from its own corruption, and the reformers are free to build on its ashes.