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OT....trading and phisical form

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Posted 20 August 2021 - 05:17 PM

to most people, but not to me due to my trading style, trading means remaining all day long in front of a pc monitor or even two monitors sometimes. Besides being bad for the eyes it's not good also for your phisical form so that if you' re looking for something that gives you back your healthyness, my answer is the bycicle. I play regularly tennis in the week end, but to most people it' s too demanding I think. The bycicle isn' t. On reserved ways it's safe and healthy. This afternoon I ran 57 kilometers in 3 hours and 40 minutes, so that I took it with calm and when back I measured my pulses. 102 per minute soon after getting back home......two hours later 82 per minute. When my bike season starts, in Spring because in Winter I would freeze getting out on bycicle, I normally take a lot more time to get below 100 pulses while when I' m trained I get back to 80-75 quickly. On reserved ways, far from cars, the bycicle is a sort of heaven for anybody's heart. Try it if you want......but always far from cars, because in the traffic it's dangerous.        

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