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And there we go again...pandemic out of control among not vaccinated people

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Posted 08 November 2021 - 02:29 PM

you are lucky you have a country to fight for.....I would never fight for mine because I don' t have one that I recognize. I would fight instead till the last milligram of my blood if my Northern motherland were separated from the rest of the innatural country to which a group of idiots from Turin 160 years ago decided to aggregate to. 



Well Lucky? No that is not where My America came from.  We had our fill of oppressors believe me.  It all started back in our beginning with someone from your neck of the woods...  Had kind of a British Accent, (Grin) then the usual, Japan, Korea... Many little differences of opinion that Great American Men And Women gave their lives for. No disrespect Andr but it had little to do with luck. But that was my point above I guess,... If this does not stop in the Country, And around the World it (Will) get to a point a lot of people will be willing to stand up and say (No). And possibly Die for their beliefs.  I think the other side should consider a lot of American's have already proved that. So it might be wise to ease up before it get's to that point.


Bless you Sir..