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This Should Be Good News

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Posted Yesterday, 03:02 PM





It looks the current COVID variant hype is having the market participants scared. We need to understand that the whole pandemic is basically a fake pandemic. Its just a flu type disease though the virus causes a little higher fatality. The statistics show that majority more than 95% of infected people are fine, many even had no symptoms, depending on their genetics. Only less than 5% of the infected people got severe symptoms. So its a pandemic for a very small group of people. As with influenza We should expect more new variants of COVID-19, but I expect the statistics wont changed much just as in the case of influenza, that has been with us for more than 100 years with hundreds of variants, but the fatality actually decreased. Look what happened in the world particularly in Japan with the delta variant? The fatality did not change much. I expect the market participants will recognize it and this dip will be bought before long..

Updates from South Africa doctor on omicron cases:
This should be the trend with new variants - less deadly and more contagious and eventually will coexist with us just like in the case of influenza .........................
Index futures went down big overnight on the hype by a vaccine manufacturer who claimed that new vaccines are needed for the new variant omicron.   But the truth is that more than 95% of the population have natural immunity to Covid-19 virus why need more vaccines?  It reminds me of the famous saying "never let a crisis go to waste", even it's a fake one.........................


See link below  for Update on omicron

So, the selling is not due to omicron as it's ostentatiously so.  It's just a planned end-of-month (EOM) selling by certain funds.  I see it's likely about done  ....................

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Posted Today, 03:08 AM

After the EOM re-balancing selling now it's the time for BOM portfolio buying ......................

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