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vedic astrology update

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Posted 25 July 2022 - 02:09 PM

i spent most of my adult life studying economic history. i want to use this time for putting life from the perspective of vedic astrology. however, i just want to mention that china has stopped depositors from accessing their accounts. as a result they have placed tanks around the banks to protect them. heads up.
i want to start off w/the new moon in cancer. the sun and moon are considered the luminaries. they bring things to light.. w/the moon waxing and waning , it is powerful when its waxing , reaching most powerful when it is full. . the new moon is dark. it is covered by the sun. its why if one is born under a new moon, the mother has no influence , the father is essential for influencing the offspring. this new moon occurs on the 28 of july in the moons sign of cancer , the moons own sign. it occurs in the nakshastra (star) of pushya.. it is symbolized by the udder of the cow,indicating this a productive nourishing star. this is one of the most prosperous nakshastras. it deals w/food and nourishment. it also spreads knowledge and wisdom. since the moon is dark and things are not to be seen, its a time to go within and go inside for inner guidance..BE patient. remember new moons , there is no light , so the ideas that come will develop as things are seen . ITS a powerful time to rely on your higher SELF. the moon is in her own sign here. SHE is powerful. Truths are being exposed. be patient, the light will shine
Jupiter is in pisces , his own sign. HE is powerful here. it is like cancer a water sign. On the 29th jupiter goes retrograde. it does so in the nakshastra of Uttarabhadrapada. "the burning pair". The idea of this star is to control anger, the ability to move from lower consciousness to the spiritual plane. Jupiter is called guru so it is the planet of knowledge , wisdom, and wealth..He is powerful here in his own water sign. i look for the retrograde motion to cause floods and flooding. Jupiter will be retrograde until november 23, going direct november 24. The outer planets move more slowly, so this period of time look for things to happen that are not wise. OR w/lack of history. ie we make the same mistakes as in the past. pisces is represented by 2 fish swimming round and round. Doing the same thing , over and over. remember this is a very spiritual sign it is ruled by Guru. So remain within yourself , no judgements . Watch . take stock. While those around you are panicked be calm observe dont fall into emotions.. BE alert BE aware devise a plan. Remember what is real, be able to distinguish from what is a promise and what has intrinsic value. Our guru papaji, used to tell us to be a lion , not a sheep. . Flooding can happen on man levels , remember cancer and pisces are spiritual signs , this new moon in cancer and jupiter turning retrograde in pisces are both spiritual events. Do not be overcome what is happening externally. go within!!
then on about 29 of july, mars and rahu are conjunct in aires. mars rules aires. Note that everything so far that we are discussing is occurring in the planets own sign where the planet is powerful. ALL the effects that are happening will be very strong and powerful.This is a time in history , not for the faint of heart. IT is a very powerful time and will be for the next several months.. aires is a fire sign., ruled by mars the commander in chief of the army. mars is impulse, it is war it self, it is action. rahu is the north node of the moon(the ancient rishis could not see uranus, neptune, and pluto BUT they could feel their energies. and they captured those energies in the rahu and ketu). Rahu is passions and poisons. Mars conjuncts Rahu in mars sign of aires is a war situation. i dont know if ukraine will heat up. OR another war will develop or other countries get involved in the ukraine war.. WE are talking about 3 major powerful planetary events occurring w/in days of each other. this time is intense. IF you are not grounded in your SELF it will be a very emotional time. WE are told little that is the truth, dont be emotionally involved make plans and adhere to them Use your higher self for guidance . CAPTAIN america is not coming to save you.
The last event i want to mention is saturn retrograding in its own sign earthly sign of capricorn. this is important, i know i talked about it last month , but in the context of all that is happening in the world, it is necessary to mention it again. saturn is slow, shy, cautious, it is we the people. IT is government. it is earthy and practical. Saturn has retrograded back into capricorn , to show people again what is happening . IT is a wake up call. Watch all that gets revealed here. IT will be retrograde until October 22. Saturn moves slowly.. Many things will be revealed in this retrograde motion. Pay attention..Then when saturn moves direct it will go into aquarius next year and a new age will be upon us. Much like the 60s it will be the dawning of the age of the individual. Individual expression. In real time things appear to be moving slowly, but in actual time everything is moving quite quickly.. WE are moving through all of this rather quickly.
i use this venue to show how the universe is moving through its expression of the planets and signs. I try to keep politics and personal opinions out of the way. Though it is of course the astrologers interpretation of what is happening in the heavens. i have been reading about wild blueberries lately. they have 2x the antioxidants of cultivated blueberries. There is a company in oregon that will pick the wild blueberries and overnight them to you. IT is expensive . there are stores here in town that carry frozen wild blueberries. There are many things one can do diet wise to enhance their health. AFter all your tissues etc are all made , nourished from what you eat.We as a people will get through these times no matter how unsettling it all will be. the key is to be with your SELF .Not to be blown around by the winds of change. These are powerful times, in the end life on earth will be better. . know that feel that
om shanti


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Posted 27 July 2022 - 11:02 AM

President Ford predicted that a future president with a woman VP would die in office and you said this year has similar astrology to 1963 when JFK was assassinated and Armstrong also says this is an assassination cycle year, he A.I. computer said years ago the US president could get assassinated this year 2022.   


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