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*READ! July 15/16 Black Swan event?

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Posted 06 July 2024 - 03:29 PM

NOTE: *Go back and read my previous posting on cycle pivots, posted on June 23rd*
A few weeks ago, I pointed out to a couple of trading buddies the dates July 15, 16th as mentioned by Clif High. Clif was a pioneer in algorithm studies, his creation he refers to as “web bots.”  

Obviously, Clif is an eccentric man, but he is also extremely brilliant. In fact, he owns a massive amount of bitcoin and he began buying it for pennies and halted his purchases after it reached $1.50!
His investment activity over the past year has been cashing out some bitcoin and purchasing Timberland in the state of Washington, this illustrates how savvy he is. 
Cliff has a Substack channel which is free. He often has a 30 minute audio commentary usually on a weekly basis. This commentary is basically an update to what his Web bots foresee in the near future.
I now want to mention another name, the late Kim Clement. Kim Clement was known as a prophet.  I’m a very skeptical guy, but I believe and have faith that Kim Clement was truly a prophet because his prognostications were so uncanny, It’s hard to believe.  
The reason I bring up Kim Clement is to tie these two together. In an update over a month ago, Clif High alluded to July 15 and 16th timeframe…his exact words were that whatever happens in that time frame is 11 times more intense than 911, according to the data.  He also said that he has absolutely no clue what will happen, but it will be shocking to the world. 
He gave three scenarios as possibilities, but he would not commit to any of them. They were simply possibilities. The first possibility is a major UFO sighting, possibly confrontation, that the world sees not only live in person but also on TV. The second possibility is a nuclear strategic attack in Ukraine, whether that be by Russia or by the CIA blaming Russia. The third scenario was a domestic terrorist attack here in the US. All of these would be quite shocking and disturbing and send everything into a tailspin. 
Years ago, Kim Clement foresaw a Hyatt Regency in a large Metropolitan city. He said he was actually in the Hyatt Regency in his vision as he was visualizing it l, and it was exploding and completely coming apart in the vision. He believed that Almighty God as well as the Holy Spirit gave him his gift of prophecy and his visions of the future. 
(Another name, Eric Hadik of Insiide Track mentioned in his mid-week update on Wed, July 3rd, “there’s potential for some sort of surprise event between July 4th and 19th.)
I had an epiphany today.  I’ve been thinking about this timeframe. I’ve been considering different scenarios and I was suddenly reminded over the radio that the Republican national convention will take place on July 15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The venue for the convention is literally blocks away, walking distance from the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee. If you tie everything together, all the aforementioned information gleamed from Cliff High as well as Kim Clement, you have a probable black swan event occurring in a matter of a week.  I truly hope I’m wrong on this and I hope that I’m overthinking everything. I hope I turn out to be “the boy that cried Wolf.” But if this does happen, you have to respect the web bots as well as the gift of prophecy.  
Your thoughts?

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