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Posted 05 December 2003 - 03:18 PM

Equity Guardian Group
Investment Management & Research

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Mark Young is the publisher of the Wall St. Sentiment Newsletters, as well as the creator and director of content development for Traders-Talk.com, a free online community and resource for traders and investors. He is formerly a registered investment advisor and the Director of Research for Equity Guardian Group, LLC. He has been an active investor and trader in equity and options markets since 1983, when as an early trader in the then nascent OEX Index Options markets, he developed considerable options expertise, trading hundreds of contracts controlling millions of dollars worth of equities for his personal account. He has been publishing his unique research and trading services since 1992.

Prior to founding his own investment advisory firm in 1991, Mr. Young was an Investment Broker with Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc. Mr. Young has a degree in Economics from Northwestern University.


Wall Street Sentiment Weekend Report

The Wall Street Sentiment Weekend Report is a weekly newsletter providing the most current, accurate, and original sentiment research on Wall Street.

Expert traders will tell you that 90% of trading success is related to market psychology. The information provided in Wall Street Sentiment Weekly gives a current & accurate read of not only public sentiment, but the attitudes of the types of people who actually move the markets.

Also includes the Wall St. Sentiment Investors Letter, a publication for those who do not wish to actively trade markets but still wish to maximize performance and minimize risk over the long haul.

Prices: Available only as an annual subscription for $99. This subscription is for the Wall St. Sentiment Weekly only and does not include the Wall Street Sentiment Dailynewsletter. http://www.wallstreetsentiment.com

Wall Street Sentiment Daily

Get our sentiment analysis of the very latest from our proprietary Options Oscillator, Fully Long/Fully Short indicator, as well as all relevant sentiment indications as they become available.

Includes the TickerSense Blogger poll, Investors Intelligence, AAII & our proprietary investor surveys, message board sentiment and TSP Polls, NAAIM market exposure and our analysis, our aforementioned Options Oscillator, all in context with the VIX and P/C ratios to pick periods of short-term speculative excess. Many of these indicators actually let you in on what market players are really doing, not just what traders say they are doing.

Prices: (note a subscription to the ISA DAily Trade Navigator INCLUDES a subscription to the ISA Weekend Report (a $99 value). $39.99/month $399/year. http://www.wallstreetsentiment.com/d/p.html

Tailored Institutional Research is also available. Call for pricing.
Direct questions and subscription requests to: Mark Steward Young by email Service @wall street sentiment dot com, or call between 9AM-6PM EST at: (859)393.3335.