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Money Management Risk Management

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Posted 13 December 2005 - 04:11 PM

What a great topic, Sentient Being! Many great comments too. I think you are one of the relatively rare people with the patience and emotional control and stability to be a really good trader, i.e. you don't get all crazy like the rest of us. (I don't mean to exclude many people here on FF, either -- more that the general populace doesn't put in the time like you do, getting to know yourself, and getting to know the markets.)

You know what you want in the markets, and you're focused on it, and that's a good thing.

In my opinion, the markets mess with our minds, sometimes, (Roger's different systems working at different times) no matter what, so we better know what we want in advance, even if it's just gambling or playing for action. If we begin without focus, the market will likely change to our detriment just as we're getting one.

Hopefully it's not a linear, one-dimensional axis at work where disciplined trading and increasing account size are at one end, with fun at the other end. I can't add much to what you and the others have said -- I'm a "selective plunger" like some, and more than most.

Patience pays off, and I think that there really are times when it pays to increase your bets.

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What's the market going to do at blue point "X"? Most of the time that sucker's gonna keep on going up. You see a lot more patterns like "B" than you do "A." So, maybe we go from 6% to 12% long at that point.

Or, maybe we :redbull: back :redbull: up :redbull: the :redbull: truck! :redbull: Yeah, Baby! :banana: