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Posted 31 January 2007 - 11:34 AM


A proprietary Sentiment indicator by Mark S. Young as published in the ISA Weekend Report. The Senticator takes into consideration the current buying positions of traders and the atmosphere of the market as well as other indices.

The senticator is only found in the Institutional Sentiment and Analysis Weekend Report and follows 5 basic rules:

Using the Senticator results section of the ISA Weekend Report, a trader can implement this trading style with one phone call to a broker before the open, and occasionally, one call at the close on Wednesday. It's ideal for those who don't have time to watch the market all day. (note: this is based upon a simple, easy to apply back-test).

Rule #1: Buy or Sell (based upon the Senticator signal) at the open on Monday.

Rule #2: Enter an order to exit the position at a 2% profit.

Rule #3: Enter a Stop Loss order at a 3% loss.

Rule #4: If stopped, Re-enter on Wednesday at the close if SPY position is still off 2% or more at the close (i.e. on a Senticator Sell, if stopped, if the SPY is up 2% from Monday's open on Wednesday's close, re-enter).

Rule #5: If the market gaps open 1% or more in the direction of the signal, pass on the trade.

End Rule: If a position has hit neither its target nor stop, exit at the close on Friday (or the last day of the trading week).

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