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Marketing pharmaceuticals

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 11:02 AM


Medicine is going backwards overall - especially psychiatry - due to gross over-prescription of ineffective, unnecessary, harmful and dangerous drugs that ought to be used rarely (if at all) - supported by an ocean of pseudo-scientific research of extreme and calculated dishonesty.



Dr. Healy explains how prescription drugs can lead to school shootings


About 90 per cent of school shooters in North America and Europe were being treated with a prescription drug, according to Dr. Healy, usually an antidepressant or mood stabilizer.


For as many as one in five people, these drugs can “make you more anxious and more agitated.” This includes developing thoughts of harming yourself or others.






Many years ago my son was diagnosed with a mental illness.  The drugs they gave him were awful.  The side affects were worse than the disease.  I took him to the Foot Hills Medical center in Calgary.  They hospitalized him immediately and did massive genetic testing to not only find out what was wrong but also to find out which medications would work.  He has a micro deletion on Chromosome 22 - the condition is actually know as Chromosome 22 Deletion.  The test led them to the correct medications based on the size of his deletion and the location of it. He has been more than stable now for almost 20 years - so this isn't new - they have known about the connection with all the diagnosed mental illnesses (including Autism) to the deletion for decades - EXCEPT IN THE US WHERE THE PSYCHIATRIC (PSYCHOBABBLE BS)  PROFESSION RUNS THE SHOW.   THEY ARE ALL FRAUDS.