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The horror stories are coming in

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Posted 03 September 2018 - 09:25 AM

Socialized Medicine: Fails every time it's tried.


Swedes enjoy world-class healthcare -- when they get it...


Over half of their income is taxed... and it's still not enough.


Swedes are frustrated over their universal healthcare, one of the main pillars of their cherished welfare state, with long waiting queues due to a shortage of nurses and available doctors in some areas.


"Asia Nader had a hole in her heart and had to wait a year for Swedish doctors to fix it."


"There is a risk their faith in the welfare state will be eroded,"


The 2016 nationwide median wait for prostate cancer surgery was 120 days, but 271 days in the northern county of Vasterbotten, official figures show.


"Every time you seek help you also see a new doctor...


In Solleftea, the premier's northern hometown with nearly 20,000 residents, the only maternity ward was shut down last year to save money.


They are considering a law that rewards counties for shortening queues, but this just encourages doctors to prioritise easily-solved cases

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