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Global Warming is a ruling class moral crusade

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 10:17 AM

Has any organization ever been so committed to ending life on earth?




AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to ask you about this comment that you made that the Republican Party, you said, is the most dangerous organization in world history. Can you explain?

    NOAM CHOMSKY: I also said that it’s an extremely outrageous statement. But the question is whether it’s true. I mean, has there ever been an organization in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on Earth? Not that I’m aware of. Is the Republican organization—I hesitate to call it a party—committed to that? Overwhelmingly. There isn’t even any question about it.

    Take a look at the last primary campaign—plenty of publicity, very little comment on the most significant fact. Every single candidate either denied that what is happening is happening—namely, serious move towards environmental catastrophe—or there were a couple of moderates, so-called—Jeb Bush, who said, "Maybe it’s happening. We really don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, because fracking is working fine, so we can get more fossil fuels." Then there was the guy who was called the adult in the room, John Kasich, the one person who said, "Yes, it’s true. Global warming’s going on. But it doesn’t matter." He’s the governor of Ohio. "In Ohio, we’re going to go on using coal for energy, and we’re not going to apologize for it." So that’s 100 percent commitment to racing towards disaster.

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 08:27 PM

Has any organization ever been so committed to fleecing the gullible on a GLOBAL scale?


I'm dying from all this climate change!


"Record" Global Warming and "Record" CO2 results: 3 years of Global "Record" Food Harvests

Grains piled on runways, parking lots, fields amid global glut





Droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes record lows...


"It is not just droughts that are at or near record levels. On almost every measure of extreme weather, the data is not cooperating with the claims of the climate change campaigners. Tornadoes, floods, droughts, and hurricanes are failing to fit in with the global warming narrative."



April 28, 2017



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Posted 01 May 2017 - 09:39 AM

The Decline and Fall of Global Warming - And So It Begins ...   




Green Fury over NYT hiring a lukewarmer columnist   


New York Times has triggered intolerant deep greens across the USA, by hiring a columnist who is not completely certain we face inevitable eco-doom.   


Views on climate change ― namely that the jury is still out on whether burning fossil fuels is the chief cause ― drew the widest condemnation.  


ThinkProgress admonished the NYT for hiring an “extreme climate denier,” and famed climatologist Michael Mann backed them up 









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Posted 09 May 2017 - 04:36 PM

The Paris Climate Change Agreement is about economics and trade and has little to do with actual “climate change”.  The more broad details within the agreement are about global distribution of wealth, and assets, against the backdrop of industrial economics.  


Distributive tools such as ‘climate change agreements’ are simply political instruments constructed by multinational interests and global financial influences.  


TPP (Trans-Pacific Trade deal) the Asian scheme, and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) the EU scheme, are multinational regional trade deals which bind the participating parties to agreements antithetical to the individual best interests in furtherance of the collective best interests of the global financial class that constructs them.


The Paris Climate Change Agreement is an ancillary outcome of those global constructs.     





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Posted 30 June 2017 - 10:52 AM

The Dominoes are falling   ...


Germany’s G20 presidency dramatically weakened a climate action plan, gutting it of ambitious language and defining gas, and potentially even some coal power, as “clean technologies”, in an attempt to appeal to US president Donald Trump.


The action plan was intended to be agreed at next week’s Hamburg G20 summit. Climate Home has seen two versions, drafted in March and May of this year. The latter shows the degree to which the German presidency has bent to the will of the Trump White House.


“The US massively weakened the language in the energy part of the action plan,” one source with knowledge of the negotiations said. “It pushed for references to so-called ‘clean’ fossil fuels and made it less explicit that the energy transition has to be built on energy efficiency and renewables.” 







 Show me a dangerous neighborhood full of crime, drugs, and thuggery and I'll show you a neighborhood full of single moms