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Global Warming is a ruling class moral crusade

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Posted 17 June 2016 - 02:09 PM

Kerry concedes: Terrorism is a bigger threat than climate change


Secretary of State John Kerry this week acknowledged twice that the Islamic State and the threat of terrorism around the world is a bigger threat than climate change, even though he has insisted in past years that climate is the bigger threat.





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Defenders of the status quo are always stronger than reformers seeking change, 
UNTIL the status quo self-destructs from its own corruption, and the reformers are free to build on its ashes.

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Posted 17 June 2016 - 03:31 PM

This week's headlines:

Heat wave hits southwest.

Snow in Hawaii!
Mt Washington, NH – One of snowiest Junes on record


I remember the Andy Griffith episode where Barney jailed the whole town and finally brought peace to Mayberry R.F.D..


Then there was the Galileo episode where the church controlled science and arrested heretical "skeptics".


Then there was the Salem Witch hunt episode where global cooling and the disease it brought was blamed on "witches".


Now: Politicians warn that if climate skeptics can be prosecuted for 'fraud,' so can alarmists!


If  attorneys general can pursue climate change skeptics for fraud, then also at risk of prosecution are climate alarmists whose predictions of global doom have failed to materialize.

“If it is possible to minimize the risks of climate change, then the same goes for exaggeration,” said the letter. “If minimization is fraud, exaggeration is fraud.”

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Posted 20 July 2016 - 05:05 PM

Just dropping by to state the obvious...again.





(CNN)The first six months of 2016 were the hottest ever recorded, NASA announced on Tuesday, while Arctic sea ice now covers 40% less of the Earth than it did just 30 years ago...(continued in link)



"If you've heard this story before, don't stop me because I'd like to hear it again," Groucho Marx (on market history?).

“I've learned in options trading simple is best and the obvious is often the most elusive to recognize.”


"The god of trading rewards persistence, experience and discipline, and absolutely nothing else."

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Posted 20 July 2016 - 07:45 PM

CNN? The "establishment's" mouthpiece? ROFL


Global Warming Expedition Stopped In Its Tracks By Arctic Sea Ice


Please ignore the fact that the Arctic has been totally without ice many times.

But you would have to actually know about history, rather than being spoon fed by the False Prophet's drivel. ;-)


Drivel: "An example of drivel is idle and untrue gossip about celebrities' conversations about the weather"


Climate has always changed. Since Day One

Vikings in Greenland: "The climate had become harsher on the island starting in the mid-13th century. Summer temperatures fell, violent storms raged around the houses and the winters were bone-chillingly cold. For the cattle that had been brought to Greenland, there was less and less to eat in the pastures and meadows along the fjords."

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Posted 21 July 2016 - 09:26 AM

Ask yourself, "What is the motive behind the False Prophet's faked data and the downward revision of historical temperatures?"

Centralized global control of all business and industry via carbon control and taxation.

The Global Elitists' wet dream.

But the Lemmings are getting wise and abandoning that ship.




NOAA claims global temperatures are the hottest ever, based on some rather spectacular junk science. 

But NOAA doesn’t actually have any temperature data over most of the land surface.


They never had any data from most of the southern hemisphere, as admitted in this article from 1978.

(See last paragraph):




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Posted 31 August 2016 - 09:00 AM

Galileo would be kicked out of the University of Colorado

Center of the Universe Flat Earth is not open for debate.

Ships may be falling off the edge of the Earth as we speak!!!


Professors tell students drop out if dispute 'climate change'...


Three professors co-teaching an online course called “Medical Humanities in the Digital Age” at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs recently told their students via email that man-made climate change is not open for debate, and those who think otherwise have no place in their course.

“The point of departure for this course is based on the scientific premise that human induced climate change is valid and occurring. We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the ‘other side’ of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this course,” states the email, a copy of which was provided to The College Fix by a student in the course.


Moreover, students who choose to use outside sources for research during their time in the course may select only those that have been peer-reviewed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the email states


OP-ED: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a shill for the Globalist elites.

Carbon control is a key tool devised by the elites under the auspices of the United Nations (Image of the Beast) to control the wealth of the masses.

Wake up!

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Posted 06 December 2016 - 06:21 AM

US history makes more sense when read as the elite using moral crusades as smokescreens for its wealth and power grabs and attacks on its enemies.


the analogy between Prohibition and Global Warming:


Prohibition lasted about 12 years and collapsed with the Ruling Class in the early 1930's.


Al Gore's movie came out in 2006, add 12 years and you get 2018.



2016-2020 The decline and fall of global warming.




The Paris Climate Summit is a farcical repeat of previous summits.



2017 A bad year for global warming.


A powerful new opponent goes on offense, the Trump administration.


A powerful defensive propaganda force disintegrates, the EU.



2018-2019  The final collapse.


Global recession, failure of green energy, global cooling, loss of confidence in the ruling class, 12 year crusade cycle ends.

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Defenders of the status quo are always stronger than reformers seeking change, 
UNTIL the status quo self-destructs from its own corruption, and the reformers are free to build on its ashes.

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 01:45 PM

Global warming scam expert.

worm has turned on the communist party.

the chemtrail spraying, which for a year they have "progressed" to cloaked planes,

i could always easily see the airplane at low altitude until about a year can now only see

the chemical trail with no plane at the front. Our airport that has 5 flights a day, has hundreds

of chemical trails at low altitude usually before precipitation is moving in. Always over

population centers when 99.9% of geography with oceans is unoccupied.

The overpassing flights at 30,000 to 40,000 feet are clearly at another altitude with no

chemical trail.

the chemtrail material is the fly ash out of coal plants mixed with metals aluminum

and lithium to turn off the zombie slave brains.

Funny again how satanists love fly ash carbon out of coal plants.

law of fraud is intent to deceive, and material omissions, for profit.

deception is proved by claiming the science was settled, when they are always proven wrong,

switching from global cooling to global warming to climate change hysteria every 20 years.

Carbon tax is stealth

taxation scheme of communist one world depopulation government.

The global warming holocaust is staged mind control

technology calculated upon the statistics of death and life expectancy in 3rd

world regions banned from availability to electricity.

Obama just told them in Africa they will have to learn to give up aspirations for having

cars and air conditioning because of global warming. He spends 90B a year of white trash tax debt flying out on his propoganda speaking tours

and still wont shutup when satanism is rejected by

3084 to 3141 counties before accounting for the satanist district vote fraud.

"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 08:28 AM

Harvard Astrophysicist Mocks Global Warming Hysteria


He began by mocking the degree to which carbon dioxide was treated like a toxic gas by proponents of radical policies on climate change. “Next it will be oxygen, it will be anything that you want on the chemical table,” he joked.


“The Sun is a primary driver of climate change — and has a far greater impact than changes in CO2,” 


“Climate science is dangerously corrupted and co-opted by multiple anti-science forces and players.”


The movement toward renewable energy sources was not a sign of progress, but regression toward the lower energy densities of the pre-industrial age.


He likened belief in carbon “pollution” to the superstitious beliefs of primitive civilizations, 




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Defenders of the status quo are always stronger than reformers seeking change, 
UNTIL the status quo self-destructs from its own corruption, and the reformers are free to build on its ashes.

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Posted 24 April 2017 - 08:11 AM

How to win the war against the Global Warming Scam?  Defeat the globalist ruling class and you defeat Global Warming.  


Warmism is a creation of globalism. It is also a powerful instrument in service of the globalists. Downfall or resetting of globalism to the benefit of nationalism and national democracy is what wins the war against the baseless CO2-alarmism mantra.    



The way to win the war is via cultural transitions where the establishment science enterprise is seen for what it is (part of the establishment order dominated by globalism) and thus loses all credibility on questions of globalist policies.
This is achieved a la Trump, in the same way that victories in the areas of political correctness have been achieved. The new radicalism that is youthful anti-feminism, the MRM (men's rights movement), the anti-CO2-alarmism movement putting priorities on good jobs and middle-class security instead of elite-class globalism, and so on. Those are the cultural movements that win the war against elite globalist management.


These movements are connected to the emerging phenomena of Brexit, Trump, anti-immigration, Frexit, Finexit, Libertarianism, … and to the emergence of the multi-polar world (emergence of Eurasia, BRICS, …), with the increasing threats to the global US-petro-dollar.    


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Defenders of the status quo are always stronger than reformers seeking change, 
UNTIL the status quo self-destructs from its own corruption, and the reformers are free to build on its ashes.