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Risk of a Turn Tomorrow

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Posted 08 November 2018 - 05:11 PM

Tomorrow and Monday is a risk window for a turn in the DJIA.  The Wednesday risk window was obviously an acceleration day probably caused by all the fried shorts expecting the big, two house blue wave.  Friday the 9th and Monday the 12th are horses of a different color.  There are virtually no risk cycle turns.  As I have droned on about before, that is just as good a harbinger of a turn as the six risk cycle turns on Wednesday. 


Normally I would confess how I'm getting all beared up in this second paragraph, but zerohedge.com noted today that Dennis Gartman is shorting the current rally.  It's awfully hard to get your grizzly on when he joins the party.  I do want to complain about inflation.  I just made my first trip back home to Texas in several years.  Desperate for a hamburger having spent years living off of fish-n-chips, I was shocked to spend almost 7 bucks for a whopper and a small coke.  Things have gotten completely out of hand price-wise in the ole US of A.