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Next Week's Turn Risk Windows

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 08:47 AM

According to my system, the days in the coming week with the highest risk of a turn or acceleration of the current trend are Monday the 7th and Friday the 11th.


Last week's risk window centered on New Year's Day initially looked good with the futures turning early on the 1st and then heading south, but then came the rip roaring 4th rally which my system did not spot in advance.  In last week's epistle, however, I did surmise that the PPT would sell their mother's eyeteeth to stop the sell off.  On the 4th they dragged out not one, but three FED heads to talk up the market and it worked a treat scorching the poor bears. The orange cones Powell had been putting on the free money freeway appear to have been cleared away to make way for new Montana speed limits.  


The three bear market killing lines in the sand that I drew in my last note ($SUPHLP cumulative crossing 10EMA, $NYA200R above 38% and DJIA above 24k) were not crossed this past week, but they're only a spitting distance away if Friday is any indication of the things to come.